Hydrogen Pro

HydrogenPro supplies high quality, customized hydrogen plants. The plants are based on renowned electrolyser technology. The  pressurised alkaline electrolysers have been supplied since 1994. Over 300 plants have been installed worldwide. They are using high quality components and the production unit is certified according to ISO 9001. All the products are produced with maximum focus on safety, reliability and long lifetime at minimum cost.

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WindSim is a modern wind farm design tool (WFDT). WindSim fuses advanced technologies with unrivaled wind energy domain expertise—so you can design more profitable wind farms.

Who uses WindSim? WindSim is used worldwide by wind resource & energy assessors, meteorologists, and researchers at wind turbine manufacturers, project developers, government agencies, and academic institutions. WindSim is recognized worldwide as the leading provider—and the thought leader—in our space. Wind energy industry leaders choose WindSim.

How does it help? Our customers optimize park layouts by identifying turbine locations with the highest wind speeds—but with low turbulence—to maximize production. They minimize loads on turbines to prevent potential problems. They keep their project’s stakeholders informed with robust, meaningful reports complemented with rich graphics and interactive 3D visualizations. Yes, you too can put a virtual wind tunnel to work. And, much more.


The D’Arcinoff Group

DG Energy, Inc, a subsidiary of the D’Arcinoff Group, Inc, is responsible for executing the company’s renewable energy and clean fuels strategies.

The DG Energy Program will be implemented over 15 years in multiple phases. The initial phase includes four sub-phases and will focus on production of low-CO2 emissions synthetic jet and diesel fuel, along with naphtha. The electric power for the manufacturing processes will come largely from renewable solar and wind energy. Excess electricity produced may be sold into the commercial power grid.

Later phases of the program will expand production capacity near the first site and at additional locations around the United States. A proprietary non-hydrocarbon fuel with a unique transportation and storage system will be added to the product list. This fuel will first be used to generate electricity with zero-CO2 emissions, in and near urban areas. The integrated power generation and delivery system of this fuel will allow new and innovative ways to reap the benefits of renewable energy, at significant distance from the site where the fuel is produced.

DG Energy’s domestically produced and environmentally responsible low-CO2 emissions fuels will meet ASTM fuel standards and will be price competitive with fuels refined from petroleum. The manufacturing process uses cellulosic biomass, natural gas and water electrolysis generated feedstock. Using these types of raw material will have a positive economic effect on farmers and landowners without a negative effect on consumer food prices.